My 2nd novel has been shortlisted for the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature, 2016

It’s called The Demise of the Queen’s College Adventure Club and it’s one of six books up for this year’s Burt Award for young-adult fiction. I won the 2015 award last year for Children of the Spider.

Burt Award Ceremony 3_cr

See, I have a picture of the award and everything. 🙂

The 2016 award jury had this to say about QC Adventure Club:

“A thrilling story, infused with creepy moments and nonstop suspense that grabs the reader all the way through—a nod to the old Dracula tale. It conveys vibrant mental and emotional images of each character. The plot is strong and there is a haunting sense of adventure set against the larger workings of history and politics.”

QC Adventure Club is still in manuscript form and I’m actually making changes even now to the text as I think of little details to add or realize I need to rewrite things.

For instance, the annual Market Day event at modern-day Queen’s College is now a very different event from when I was a student there, so I’m going to have to rewrite a long scene to reflect the current reality. Once I’m done the latest round of revisions, I’ll send the book to the publisher, which is just one more step of a very long process to a finished book.

It’s worth the wait though. QC Adventure Club is the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted: It’s the longest, has three main characters, jumps around in time while trying to tell an action story in a historical context, and it’s seasoned with a lot of autobiographical detail.

I’m happy to see the result was a story coherent and enjoyable enough to make the final six this year and hope the audience gets out of the story as much as I put into it.


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