“Welcome to the fun and games. I’m your host, Imam Baksh.”

Children of the Spider, my first book, has a launch date now: June 2016.

Or it could be July.

It depends. Some things are beyond my control. I just write the words on the pages.

Not to worry though, there will be pre-launch copies available in some places as early as April.

Or it could be May.

It depends. Some things are beyond—

Uh, never mind. Your best bet is to run over to my Facebook Page and Like/Follow it to keep track of what’s happening, as well as when and where.

In the meantime, I’ve got an excerpt from the opening of the book here on the website for you to check out.

As far as my bag of plans, there are three things I can tell you:

  • The reveal of the cover for Children of the Spider will be March 10th, on my Facebook page. You signed up for that already, right?
  • I’ll also be appearing at the Queen’s College Literature Forum sometime in the third week of April. The idea is to sign books and maybe run a few writing sessions with the students. The details are still being sorted out.
  • And finally, I’ll be posting an excerpt from my second novel, The Demise of the Queen’s College Adventure Club, in a couple of weeks, once I finish the latest draft of the manuscript.

I’ll be back here at this blog if there’s any big news, or if I just want to ramble about random things. Until then, be good to each other.

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